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View of the German Pageant

 View of the German Pageant

Yellow wood falls

 Yellowood Faiis

Ornamental water

 Ornamental water Botaniv Gardens King Williams Town

Magistrate and post office

 Magistrate and post ofice KIng Williams town

Magistrate and post office

 Magistrate and post office  KIng Williams town

Library and public building

 Library and public buildings

Jagerfontein O.R.C.

 Jagerfontein O.R.C. (part general view)

Van staadens water works

 Van Staadens water works" Port Elizabeth water supply"

Orchard street

 Orchard street Johanneburg

A pretty spot at modderfontein

 A preety spot at modderfontein near Johannesburg

Harrison steet

 Harrison street showing new standard bank Johannesburg

Pritchard street

 Pritchard street Johannesburg

Rissik street

 Rissik street Johannesburg

Commissioner street

Commissioner steet corner of Rissik street

Eckstein park

 The Avenue Eckstein park

The conservatory In Joubert park

 The conservatory in Jourbert park show up on the 17th Augast 1990

James town

 James town from the sea

Avenue leading to Hogsback Hotel

 Avenue leading to Hogsback hotel

Viiews into tyumie from the road to Hogsback

 Views into Tyumi valley from road to Hogsback

The big tree

 The big tree Hogsback forest


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