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The Officials and Members of the Natal Indian Congress invite

The officials and Members of the Natal Indian Congress Centenary Celebration

The State President of the Republic of South Africa invite

The State President of Repubic of South Africa......


The State President of the Republic of South Africa Invitation

The state President of the Republic of South Africa Mr Nelson R. Mandela request the pelasure of your company.....

Invitation from T.H. Gwala & Family

Mr T.H. Gwala & Family invites you to the Unveiling of the Tombstone of Elda Kaipi......

African National Congress - ANC Commemorative Card No.4
African wirld dogs

African wirld dogs

Lone Creek Falls

Lone Creek Falls

"City of Jacarandas", Pretoria

"City of Jacarandas", Pretoria

Postcard from Cedric Ndlovu to Josiah Ndlovu dated 28 Decemebr 1977

Cedric Ndlovu informing his father of his exam results....

A Ndebele woman, 18 September 1986

A Ndebele woman, 18 September 1986

PC86 Randolph Vigne Collection: Postcards from Adrian Leftwich to Randolph Vigne
The Resting place of Hafeg, Shirag - The Great Indian Poet.

The Tomb of Hafez, commonly known as Hāfezieh (حافظیه), are two memorial structures erected in the northern edge of Shiraz, Iran, in memory of the celebrated Persian poet Hafez.

Delville War Memorial, Pretoria

Delville War Memorial, Pretoria

Letter from Betsy, Ethel, David Monroe, Gina and Ella to Phyllis Naidoo

Our Mom's having a birthday A very special one -- a picnic around her pool and we hope that you will come! Saturday June 14, 1977 11 am -- 2pm.

Letter from Liz, Peter and Tom to Phyllis Naidoo

To get a birthday card from me, you have to be pretty special. Happy 21st birthday, you are a beautiful and very special person. I am so fortunate to know you. have a wonderful day. I will be thinking of you.

Letter from Cliff to Phyllis Naidoo

Almost ten years since we met at Willy's flat in Maseru. Greetings and thank you so much for your letter. Rollo is bearing up well, he is getting the best possible treatment.

Letter from Witchfeld Mogorosi to Phyllis Naidoo

You modesty and humility has been a marvel to witness. Certainly, an exercise all mankind should strive for. And your charity of thought is well articulated and credibly documented. lots of thanks and the best of love.

Postcard from Kate to Phyllis Naidoo

Real healing is taking place here. Self restoration. On a more extended plan, the contrast between Mission life (we are a mission, it seems) at the Lesotho sun.

Zulu boy

Zulu girl smilling

Zulus at mealtime

Zulus at mealtime, Mealie pap


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