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Reits O.F.S

KCAV Basuto. Reitz O.F.S.

Flowers in jug

KCAV 2212 Tempera a' Flowers in jug ' St Matthews C.P. School 25.10.1962. Grossert No 1085


Pamphlet located in File 2 of the Karl Robert Brueckner papers (KCM 91/2/2/6), Campbell Collections.

South African Communist Party: May Day

South African Communist Party sticker for May Day

National Conference, 1983: resolutions adopted

This is the pamphlet containing resolutions of the National Conference held in 1983 of the South African Council of Churches.

Who is Nelson Mandela: standing for the truth campaign

This is a pamphlet about family and educational background of Nelson Mandela. It also consists of information about the ANCYL, the defiance campaign, the treason trial, Umkhonto we Sizwe, and the reasons why Nelson Mandela's release is an issue for Christians.

Emergency convocation of churches in South Africa: package of preparation material

An Emergency Convocation of Churches was decided upon to work on and develop effective non-violent actions to pressure the government to the negotiation table and for the church to refuse to collaborate with the unjust system of apartheid.

Hands off the universities: hands off NUSAS: dossier for the press: 26 August 1987

This is the NUSAS pamphlet. It covers the government attack to the universities and NUSAS opposition to apartheid.

Why do millions of workers reject "Workers Day" and instead celebrate "May Day"?

A pamphlet issued by NUSAS/ERC looks at the rejection by South Africa's largest trade union federation COSATU of the government declared Workers Day on the first Friday of May instead, demanding to celebrate the internationally proclaimed public holiday known as May Day.

Sharpeville Day: commemoration meeting

A pamphlet to publicise a meeting commemorating the Sharpeville massacre which took place on 21 March 1960

Disinvestment: a challenge to the church

This is a pamphlet on disinvestment. It consists of a number of articles entitled Why we have disinvested; Meet our demands and we'll oppose sanctions; Sanctions against apartheid; Pressure will help struggle and What the oppressed have to say.

Constitutional guidelines for a democratic South Africa

African National Congress Constitutional guidelines for a democratic South Africa. Issued by the ANC in Lusaka.

The Standing for the Truth Campaign

Pamphlet covering the background of the Campaign, goals of the Campaign, areas of possible non-violent action, organisational structure, organisational chart etc.

African National Congress Draft Constitution

Draft African National Congress Constitution to be adopted at the ANC National Conference, June 1991.

A voice from the farms: Zwelakhe's story

The story of Zwelakhe Bongwana, about his life as a farm worker

O R Tambo 1917-1993: hamba kahle people's leader

Pamphlet on the life and death of Oliver Tambo. Includes a tribute by Nelson Mandela, a brief biography and quotes from his speeches.

A better life for all

ANC pamphlet issued by the Department of Information and Publicity for the 1994 elections.

Why should I vote for the ANC?

Pamphlet produced by the ANC Cape Town Central Branch, for the 1994 elections.

Beware of Kriel's "new" NP

Pamphlet about safety issues and violence published by the ANC for the 1994 elections.

Daai geld, daai geld, daai baie geld!

Pamphlet produced by the African National Congress for the 1994 elections. Title translated into English reads, That Money, that money, that large amount of money!


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