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The Pan African Congress venture in retrospect: a Non-European Unity Movement pamphlet

This pamphlets tries to highlight a series of events that the Pan African Congress (PAC)has been involved with in relation to the freedom struggle of the oppressed in South Africa and the formation and functions of the Non-European Unity Movement (NEUM).

A message to the people of South Africa: Authorised summary, 1968.

Message conveyed in a pamphlet on the year 1968 to people of South Africa regarding gospel of Jesus Christ in South Africa against the policy of racial seperation.

The birth of the African Peoples Democratic Union of Southern Africa (APDUSA)

This pamphlet clearly describes, with some background, on the political state of the country before the birth of APDUSA.

We are at war!

Pamphlet issued by the African National Congress in order to rally support for armed struggle

Areas of co-operation: what should UCM be

Pamphlet compiled by University Christian Movement about the possible ways to make Christianity relevent to all people - Black as well as White.

National Indian Council another trap

At the outset, APDUSA mentions how it warned its people of the dangers of accepting the formation of police reserves and that this warning was warmly received and the formation was thus unsuccessful.

The Universities and the State, 1959-1969

Pamphlet to affirm the University of the Witwatersrand's continuing opposition to the Extension of University Education Act, 1959, which legislated the loss of academic freedom at South African Universities.

The church and the race problem

Pamplet containing a series of articles published in the Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg, based on interviews with churchmen on the role of the Church in South Africa

Self rule in the Transkei: a monstrous fraud

The Bantu Authorities in Transkei have accepted a constitution, which the Unity Movement is unhappy about; to which this document ensures continued domination of the Transkei by the Republic of South Africa.

Police reserves are traps

This pamphlet discusses the formation of police reserves, and APDUSA examines the so-called reasons for the formation of the police reserves as been lies, and feels strongly that it is more of an attempt to deceive and split the unity of the oppressed.

Unions, United Democratic Front plan mass resistance campaign

Weekly Mail article regarding mass resistance campaign planned by unions and UDF.


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