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Book review: The Long View by Alan Paton
Book review: The Long View by Alan Paton
The organization of the South African gold mining industry
Non-racial democracy: the policies of the Liberal Party of South Africa
Valliamma Munuswami Mudliar 1898 1914 Child Martyr A True Story

This story is an abstract of press reports, speeches, documents and quotations. Part One is about the life story of Valliamma. Part Two records various tributes and memorials to her.

A report on the emigrants repatriated to India under the Assisted Emigration Scheme from South Africa and on the problems of returned emigrants from all colonies {Repatriation]

On the Emigrants Repatriated to India under the Assisted Emigration Scheme from. South Africa and On the Problem of Returned Emigrants from All Colonies.

St. Aidan's Mission, 1883-1983 : centenary brochure [Mission Hospital]

When my wife and I were in England in 1978 for the Lambeth Conference of Anglican Bishops, we went on a short pilgrimage to certain holy places. One of the places we visited was the island of Lindesfarne off the English north coast. It made an indelible impression upon us........

History of Phoenix - 30 years anniversary

Phoenix refers to a type of date palm and to a mythological bird..The Phoenix Bird.  The Phoenix Palm cultivated in arid, hot regions, the common date palm, Phoenix dactylifera, is valued for its fruit, the date, which is a source of wealth since it is an important food.....

Life of Mahatma Gandhi (in) Indian_Centenary Commemoration Brochure 1860-1960

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born of aristocratic parents-his father being Prime Minister of Porbandar, in the province of Ka.thiawad in India, on 2nd October, 1869.

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