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Indian Education Commission (K.P. Kichlu) - 1920-1930

Indian Education Commission articles. 

V Sirkari Naidoo - Fiat Lux May 1978, p.8

Mr V Sirkari Naidoo Biography.

University of Natal Medical School History

Embroiled in controversy and political strife, and disadvantaged by major financial and resource deprivation, the University of Natal Medical School has nevertheless survived and prospered for nearly 50 years - and has made a unique contribution to medical education in the Southern African sub-co

The Approach to the Native Problem
Gambling and National Life
The Indian Trader

The Indian trader made his appearance shortly after the arrival of the Indentured Indian. This pattern is evident wherever the Indentured Indian set foot, be it Mauritius, Trinidad, British Guiana or any of the British colonies.

Contributions to the Dictionary of Literary Biography on 20th Century Black African writers
Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr
Indians in Commerce [in Indian centenary brochure- 1860 1960]
Mary Stainbank, Modernism and the ‘Spirit of Africa’

The intention in this paper is to investigate, through specific examples of
sculptures by the Durban born Mary Agnes Stainbank (1899-1996), the
relationship between an indigenous South African iconography, and a Europeanbased

'Babu' King notes
Polit File
Native Bills 1936
Christianity can save us
Extracts from Babu's Letters


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