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Letter from Helen to Phyllis Naidoo

A very happy Christmas to you, a prosperous New Year and a better government in 1997, wherever you happen to live, especially in Britain - not that there is much hope offered by Tony Blair's Tory-cloned 'New Labour'.

Cages in Windhoek: whose move?

The struggle for freedom in Windhoek, South West Africa.

Bechuanaland and South Africa

Responsibility for the Bechuanaland Protectorate has recently been assumed by the British Colonial Office and in the future the territory is to be developed as a self contained political and economic unit.

Review of Murray's Families Divided
Migratory Labour
Uniguely Right For Abolition
The effects of migratory labour on the individual labourer
Chapter eleven: Black labour
Urbanisation and labour migration
Migratory labour: the corner-stone of apartheid
Migratory labour: the canker in South African society
Migratory labour: perpetuating poverty
Migratory labour: redundant families
Migratory labour: the human costs
Migratory labour: one-sided contracts
Migratory labour: depressed wages
Filling a long-felt want
Quotes from "Migrant Labour in South Africa"
An evil system
Effects of migratory labour: Report of the Committee on Social Responsibility


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