Campbell Collections

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"Mother& Child"

Abstract of two heads, a mother and a child.


Abstract of human figures having a meeting or sermon.

A history of Bellair by J.M. Roach

A history of Bellair from 1860 by J.M. Roach,


Abstract of figures next to a river, for baptism.

'The Diviner'

Abstract of figures in a homestead.

Doll makers from Nwedwe 1984.

Doll makers Celiwe and Sizakele Mchunu from Ndwedwe.

Thembi Mchunu

Thembi Mchunu well known for making colourful creative dolls.

Beaded house and a doll

Beaded house and a doll.

Doll maker

Doll maker

Doll maker and her twins.

Doll maker and her twins.

Zulu woman with a beaded doll

Zulu woman with a beaded doll.

Beaded dolls

Beaded dolls (Zulu)

Bhaca married women

Bhaca married woman with kids.

Beaded dolls

Zulu beaded dolls.

Zulu married woman

Zulu married woman

Beaded Accesories

Beaded accessories in multiple colors. These accerssories can be worn by pinning them over an outfit.

Zulu married woman

Zulu married woman from KwaHlabisa

Zulu married women

Zulu married women.

Zulu doll

Zulu doll of a married woman.

Wedding photo, Kwahlabisa.

Wedding photo, Kwahlabisa, c1961.


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