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South African Labour Bulletin Volume 7 Number 6 and 7 April 1982

South African Labour Bulletin is a refereed journal. The focus in this issue is Swaziland.

Bethal case-book

Article on slavery at Bethal. A description of poor living conditions, forced labour, beatings, lynchings and other gruesome assaults on Blacks working on farms in Bethal.

The widows of the reserves

Article about hardships and poor living conditions experienced by African women living in the reserves while their husbands are forced to work in cities, mines and farms and because of the migratory labour system may not be accompanied by their wives.

Nomads of apartheid
Giving up jobs for unity
Squatters challenge system
Criticism of new migrant contract continues
Housing for visiting families
Influx control makes workers` lives "intolerable"
High Court grants contract workers permanent rights
Migrant laws used against workers

There is increasing evidence that the country's migrant labour laws are being used against workers in an attempt to curb union strength.

Apartheid runs on Fluor power

Only three-days after the 6 500 Sasol workers were sacked for the their role in the November stay-away, scabs were being bused in from the homelands by American multinational, Fluor Corporation.

Botha's new "weapon"

President P W Botha has discovered a new weapon in his attempts to combat the increasing international pressure for economic sanctions against South Africa.

Union drive in Port Elizabeth gets 21 workers city rights
Tradition on trial in rural areas
"An injury to one ..."
The Aliens and Immigration Laws Amendment Bill: Paper presented at National Conference 1984

The Aliens and Immigration Laws Amendment Bill: Paper presented at National Conference on 16 March 1984 discussing Aliens Registration Act, Aliens Act, permanent residence, South African blacks as foreigners in South Africa, homelands, migrant labour.

The Black students' message to their beloved parents

This circular, written by the Soweto Students Representative Council, condemns the Black education system and the conditions of migrant labourers living in hostels.

Hostel dwellers organise for better living conditions
Women and Aids - the triple imperative


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