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Prophet's Mosque

gates of the Mosque of the Prophet

The Prophet's Mosque

Prophet's Mosque, courtyard of the Prophet Muhammad in Medina

Süleymaniye Mosque

Süleymaniye, one of the oldest quarters of Istanbul on the Historical Peninsula

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal. An immense mausoleum of white marble, built in Agra between 1631 and 1648 by order of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his ...

Selimiye Mosque

The Selimiye Mosque is an Ottoman imperial mosque

The Dome of the Rock

The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem. An inscription in the Dome of the Rock establishes its date of completion as 691–692

The Prophets mosque

minbar is a pulpit in a mosque where the imam (leader of prayers) stands to deliver sermons

Prophet's Mosque

Prophet's Mosque, courtyard of the Prophet Muhammad in Medina, which was the model for later Islamic architecture. In 706 Caliph al-Walid I destroyed the ...

The Green Dome

It was the Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II who in 1818 built the green dome that covers ... Sultan 'Abd al-Majid (1839–1861) remodeled the entire masjid, enlarging it ...

The Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba

The Great Mosque was built in the context of the new Umayyad Emirate in Al-​Andalus which Abd ar-Rahman I founded in 756

Ahmediye prayer hall and cupola with blue tiles from Iznik
The Süleymaniye Mosque

The Süleymaniye Mosque is an Ottoman imperial mosque located on the Third Hill of Istanbul, Turkey.

Badshahi Mosque in Lahore

The Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, commissioned by the sixth Mughal ... was also built from red sandstone, and is decorated with white marble inlay. ...

Madrasah-i Madar-i Shahh

  Madrasa Madar-i Shah, is a 17-18th century cultural complex in Isfahan

Shaykh Lutfallah mosque

The main entrance to the mosque is located on the east side of this small ... As a result, when viewed from the maydan, the mosque's main portal iwan and dome do ...

Dome ceiling of the prayer hall
The Great Mosque or Masjid-e Jameh of Isfahan

mosque in Iran, located in the historical centre of Isfahan. The monument ... iwans (Chahar Ayvān) around the courtyard as well as two ... Malek Shah and initiated and supervised by his minister ...

The Great Mosque of Herat

The Jami Masjid of Herat was not always the largest mosque in Herat;


The Gūr-i Amīr or Guri Amir is a mausoleum

The Gur-e Amir is the mausoleum of the Asian conqueror Tamerlane (Timur) in Samarkand.

Sher-Dor Madrasah

Sher-Dor Madrasah was built on the Registan Square


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