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An analysis of the interim report of the Commission of Inquiry 1972-00-00

An analysis of the Schlebusch Commission of Inquiry, including the establishment of the Commission and the operation of the Commission.

B P C Organisation 1973-06-09

A memorandum presented by Mosibudi Mangena at a meeting of the NEC and Chairmen of BPC Branches, held in Braamfontein, on 9 June 1973, outlining t

B.P.C. Leadership Training 1977-07-00

Memorandum by the Black Peoples Convention supporting and promoting leadership training

Banning and intimidation: list of recommended tactics 1971-07-00

SASO memorandum deals with proposed methods of infiltration into schools, religious bodies and other organisations; how to deal with infiltration i

Black Consciousness 1987-00-00

Background to the Black Consciousness Movement and an overview of the development of the South African Students Organisation (SASO).

Black Consciousness and the role of the Black woman 1971-12-00

Discussion on the meaningful role of the Black woman within the Black Consciousness Movement in the struggle for national liberation.

Black People's Convention: Blueprint of the proposed educational policy 1977-10-00

Memorandum discussing the BPC educational guidelines to develop Black Consciousness and national unity while eliminating racism and tribalism

Black Peoples Convention: Home education service project 1974-09-00

Ouline of a project to promote adult literacy among Blacks in South Africa. Iincludes a budget.

Black Universities in South Africa 1971-00-00

The historical background to the development of Black Universities is outlined.

Christian institute memorandum on alternative policies 1977-04-00

This is the Christian Institute memorandum on alternative policies in South Africa, April 1977.

Civil disobedience 1988-00-00

Memorandum on areas of legislation which impact on the lives of people.

Comments 0000-00-00

Comments by J. H.

Commissions presented at 5th General Students' Council of the South African Student's Organization, St Peters Seminary, Hammanskraal, 14-18 January, 1974 1974-01-14

The memorandum contains commissions to assess, among others, the theory of the struggle pertaining to the Black culture, the feasibility of researc

Communique as drawn up by the 1969 SASO Conference 1969-07-00

The communique discusses the need for contact and communication amongst non-white universities and colleges.

Community Action and Development 1972-00-00

For effective programs that make the Black communities aware of the problems that bedevil it, SASO developed well planned educational programmes to

Culture 1973-07-00

Culture in its various manifestations can be used to liberate Black people and this memorandum discusses the importance of Black poetry, literature

Died in the struggle 1974-00-00

This extract contains a list of persons killed in detention and a list of famous Black political leaders in South Africa, issued by the Black Peopl

Directive on the nature of the forthcoming conference 1969-03-00

Directive from Oliver Tambo, Acting President of the African National Congress, on the forthcoming Morogoro Conference.

Discussion document on economic policy 1990-09-00

Discussion document prepared by the African National Congress Department of Economic Policy for the DEP Workshop in Harare, in September, 1990 to s

Draft discussion paper on the role of SACTU in the National Democratic Struggle 1988-08-00

Draft discussion paper on the role of South African Congress of Trade Unions (SACTU) in the national democratic struggle.

Economic restructuring in post-apartheid South Africa: the role of local government rural and urban development 1990-05-01

Discussion paper prepared for a seminar between the African National Congress Department of Economics and Planning, Congress of South African Trade

Facts 2: Covering The Wages Commissions: how they started 1973-06-00

Fact sheet giving information about the origin, purpose and activities of the Wages Commissions which had been established on the five campuses aff

Family Life, Poverty and Crime in the Black Urban Townships: Memorandum for Urban Foundation Paper Presented at the Black Sash National Conference 1978 1978-03-16

Family Life, Poverty and Crime in the Black Urban Townships- Memorandum for Urban Foundation Paper Presented at the Black Sash National Conference

Fifth Summit Conference of East and Central African States: Manifesto on Southern Africa 1969-04-14

The Lusaka Manifesto, with a letter from the Representative of the Republic of Zambia requesting the Manifesto be circulated as an official documen

Foreign investment 1974

Black Peoples Convention Memorandum on foreign investment

Freedom struggles of the past: what can we learn from them to enhance grass roots involvement 1974-09-21

A SASO memorandum for the Transvaal Regional Formation School, held at Turfloop, 21-22 September 1974

Introduction to Formation School 1971-12-00

This SASO memorandum sets out the path for students to follow in their quest for national liberation, for discussion at the SASO Formation School,

Korttermynstrategie vir Angola 1979-03-15

Memorandum from the Chief of the South African Defence Force to the Chairman, State Security Council, detailing guidelines for the formulation of a

Korttermynstrategie vir Zimbabwe-Rhodesië 1979-07-10

Appendix D: Memorandum about the South African government's short term national strategy for Zimbabwe, including task lists

Land as a factor in Black communalism 1976-05-31

A memorandum that examines Black communalism as a way of life and the right of all citizens to have access to land

Lesotho Conference on non-violence direct action 1988-05-00

Memorandum regarding the Lesotho Conference of non-violence direct action.

List of grievances sent by African pupils to the Regional Director of Bantu Education in the Western Cape 1976-09-28

A list of grievances sent to the Regional Director of Bantu Education, later published in the Cape Times on 2 December 1976

List of proposed placements 1981-06-03

List of proposed placements for African National Congress (ANC) students.

Local organisation: fact paper 1972-00-00

The effectiveness of any organisation depends on the organisational ability of its leaders.

Memorandum aan alle lede van die Staatsveiligheidsraad: Onlussituasie - voorgestelde terminologiese riglyne vir amptelike segsmanne 1984-11-12

Memorandum to all members of the State Security Council, from Louis Nel, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, regarding guidelines for the use of te

Memorandum about the Ciskei independence 1979-08-07

Memorandum opposing the creation of a homeland government in the Ciskei based on its negative socio-economic impact on black people.

Memorandum delivered to De Klerk 1989-09-00

Memorandum delivered to President De Klerk by Rev Chikane, Rev Boesak and Archbishop Tutu outlining six points that they felt the South African Gov

Memorandum from Popo Molefe to United Democratic Front's regions 1990-10-15

Memorandum from Popo Molefe to United Democratic Front's regions regarding the meeting of the National Executive Committee of the United Democrati

Memorandum of the African National Congress ot the UN Special Committee on Colonialism 1969-05-13

Memorandum of the African National Congress ot the UN Special Committee on Colonialism, compiled by Tennyson Makiwane.

Memorandum of the Central Executive on the Future Organisation of the Black Sash 1958-06-10

Memorandum of the Central Executive on the Future Organisation of the Black Sash on 10 June 1958, discussing: Written Policy, elections, government


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