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Project budget convering contribution from donor 1984-00-00

Annexure 1 of the African National Congress (ANC) project document for the proposed Vocational Training Centre in Dakawa.

Proposals for a National Front 1986-04-04

Memorandum from the African National Congress Constitutional Committee putting forward proposals for a National Front.

Proposals to restructure the National Working of the NEC for its effective functioning 1981-03-17

Draft proposals to restructure the National Working Committee of the National Executive Committee for its effective functioning.

Putting the Black Renaissance Convention into correct perspective 1975-01-16

A memorandum in response to "biased", mainly press, reports of the Black Renaissance Convention

Report of the four working groups of the consultation of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches South Africa region 1979-03-23

Memorandum containing the report of the four working groups of the consultation of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches South Africa region on t

Request on the release of political prisoners 1986-03-09

Request made by the Japanese government repeatedly seeks from the South African government a release of all political prisoners including Nelson Ma

Review of the state of organisation of the Liberation Movement 1966-00-00

Extract from an unknown document. A review of the organisation of the Movement within South Africa and beyond the borders

Rule of security defence and code of conduct: Introduction - let us defend our ANC and our people 1981-03-00

Memorandum, possibly compliled by Joe Slovo, about the rule of security defence and code of conduct for ANC.

SACP contribution towards an election manifesto 1993-02-15

South African Communist Party (SACP) draft discussion document on the election manifesto.

Scholarship Report - Zambia 1986-03-07

List of African National Congress (ANC) students in Zambia including names, school, course and sponsor.

Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College: Curriculum Vitae of teaching staff 1981-07-00

List of teaching staff at Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College and their qualifications, experience and subjects offered during the period May to July

South African Students Movement's History 1976-05-30

In 1971 some high school and secondary school students came together and formed the African Student Movement (ASM), later becoming the South Africa

South African Students Organisation: Community Development Project Proposals 1971-09-00

SASO fundraising proposals for community development, literacy, student benefits and publications. (document incomplete)

South African Students Organisations: portfolio of education 1971-05-00

This is a memorandum containing South African Students Organisations portfolio of education.

South African Students' Organisation: Portfolio of education 1971-05-00

This SASO document examines the role of separate development in controlling education for Black people.

Soweto Students Representative Councils major priorities and other projects 1977-00-00

Contains a list of resources required for the functioning of the Soweto Students Representative Council.

Summary of activities taken against the Christian Institute and Spro-Cas between August 1973 and January 1974 1974-01-00

Chronology of the Commission of Enquiry into Certain Organizations, which became a parliamentary Commission of Enquiry known as the Schlebusch Comm

Tasks of the ANC in the present period 1991-02-17

Memorandum listing the tasks of the African National Congress.

Terrorism trial and Nkotsosu P. Motsau 1974-04-00

An appeal for rededication and commitment in the struggle by way of financial support for bail money for N. Motsau

The Black Conciousness Movement, Black People's Convention: External Office 1977-03-00

One of the major decisions taken by the BPC was the establishment of an external office .This became necessary because of the growing number of exi

The Black Worker's Project: A proposal 1972-10-00

There is a universal understanding for workers to negotiate in one voice, yet Blacks were refused membership to Trade unions.The complexity of the

The Department of Economics and Planning 0000-00-00

ANC memorandum on the structure, purpose and tasks of the Department of Economics and Planning.

The Economics Unit and the decision of the National Consultative Conference 0000-00-00

ANC memorandum on the setting up and purpose of the Economics Unit and its move to the Department of Economics and Planning.

The new situation in Southern Africa and the position of the oppressed majority in apartheid South Africa 1980-03-24

Document presented by the ANC to the Organisation of African Unity, towards their strategy for liberation of South Africa.

The Politics of protest for Black students 1971-00-00

This memorandum deals with the aims of political activity and the forms of protest open to Black students

The proposed structure and functioning of the Department of Political Education 0000-00-00

Document outlining proposed structure and functioning of the African National Congress Department of Political Education.

The repugnant elements in the Western Culture 1974-05-31

The use of White religion and politics to keep Blacks under the supression of the Nationalist government is questioned.

The South African Students Organisation: in detention for their country 1973-03-00

This SASO memorandum contains the names and brief profiles of eight Black leaders banned for a five year period.

The trial of SASO/BPC detainees 1975-00-00

The trial of 12 SASO and BPC leaders detained since September 1974. The charge sheet consisted of 81 pages.

There is a wave that has been sweeping throughout Azania from the late sixties. 1974-03-00

Memorandum introducing members of the Black Peoples Convention. (document may be incomplete)

Towards a united front of anti-apartheid forces for democratic transformation 0000-00-00

Memorandum aiming to open up debate on problems of a broad united front of anti-apartheid forces.

Understanding SASO: introduction to Formation School 1971-12-00

This SASO memorandum sets out the path for students to follow in their quest for national liberation, for discussion at the SASO Formation School,

Verkiesings in Suidwes-Afrika 1986-08-22

Memorandum, written in Afrikaans, regarding elections in Namibia, under United Nations Resolution 435 of 1978, filed an Appendix to the Minutes of

Winterveld Community Project 1971-00-00

This memorandum contains an outline of the community upliftment project planned by SASO in the area of Winterveld, north of Pretoria in the Transva


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