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Jo Thorpe Collection

Three traditional Zulu men drinking beer 

Wooden panel - Amabhaxa

Carved wooden panel with design depicts Zulu homestead, cattle, group of female carrying beer and men seated under the tree holding court hearing. These types of wooden panels  were originally used to make the framework in which rolled sleeping mats were stored in Zulu traditional homes.

Beaded Courtship Necklace

Beaded courting necklace from Qudeni eMsinga with wording "Woza Lavi Wami" meaning "Come here my love"

Umlando wabaMbo baseHopewell

Umlando wabaMbo baseHopewell= History of the eMbo-Mkhize people of Hopewell, eMfeni Royal House. This section of the eMbo people migrated together with other eMbo families in 1832 to Natal from KwaZulu, Nkandla area after the assassination of King Zihlandlo Mkhize in 1832.

Beaded Courtship Necklace

Long beaded necklace, green with black lettering "Mawulele Ngiyakushiya" meaning "If you sleep, i will leave you" The necklace worn by unmarried girl of courting age in Richmond district c1979.


Pamphlet located in File 2 of the Karl Robert Brueckner papers (KCM 91/2/2/6), Campbell Collections.


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