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Into a dim world

South African industrial compounds have a unique and quite unattractive character.

The effects of migratory labour on the individual labourer
Courtesy is two-way
Taxi talk: bosses are up to their tricks again
The "friendly" SPAR "unfriendly" to workers
Unity is our weapon against bosses
MUM Congress supports SWAPO
New Age Vol.8 No.25 Apr. 1962
Who controls Noaha?
R200 pension for life!

Forty yea old Maria Maseko was one of the first workers discovered to have the cotton dust disease, Brown Lung, in the National Union of Textile Workers' health and safety campaign.

Only workers can directly challenge the capitalists

Workers around the world understood that if they joined together in groups and demanded better conditions and more pay, the owners of the factories would have to listen to them.

Thirty years of silent murder ... the Asbestos tragedy
Jobs for all at a living wage
Workplace programmes: the trade unions intervene
The health conditions of farm labourers
Production and health
Struggles around industrial disease
The politics of nursing
The struggle for better working condition for maternity staff at Baragwanath Hospital


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