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 Wooden sectioned necklace given for valour, usually in battle by Zulu.

Wood carving

 Wooden sectioned necklace carved tolooka backbone of snakegiven for valour in battle to Zulu soldiers.

craft woodcarving


craft woodcarving

Wooden panel carver Ntivenyanga Qwabe and wooden carving of a monkey by Zulu school child.

craft woodcarving

Shangaan head rests

craft woodcarving

Das trappisten-missionkloster marianhill

craft woodcarving

A Panther devouring and Englishmen. Tsonga/Shangaan carving

craft woodcarving

Venda woodcarving. Milk jug an Platter and spoons

woodcarving of baboon/man. by Sindikosi Ntuli of Ndundulu school

Woodcarving of baboon/man

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