Warwick Avenue

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Mixed newspaper articles
Letter from Kaka to Phyllis Naidoo and Beti.

Letter from Kaka to Phyllis Naidoo and Beti.

Highway over Warwick Avenue

Warwick avenue highway being built around Himalaya Flats Warwick Avenue

Warwick Avenue

Market relocated to Warwick Avenue in 1934. 84. 40. ... Beerhalls were soon built in other towns of Natal

Letter from Kolia to Phyllis Naidoo

This is being written from the 16th floor of Eagle Building on a rather quiet Saturday evening.

Durban City Market

Ariel view of the English market

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Friends

Since 1961, April used to be a lovely month. It ushered in Sahdhan's (Sanna) birthday on Hungary's National Day (I am not sure whether this still obtains) on the 4th April" It was much laughter and fun. He was an extremely happy child.

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