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Miners square up for a battle for a living wage
Unions to form council to cover SAB factories
Deregulation will pave the way to exploitation
Campaign for jobs or living benefits - NUWW
Cosatu's Living Wage Campaign must be built
"No!" to the wage freeze
Under attack
Regions - COSATU cracks CP
NUM and NUMSA: a tale of two congresses
CAWU continues to spread its influence
LRA/Living Wage Conference decisions and recommendations
Our wages must go up more than prices
Living wage campaign weak but...a strike wave!
The living wage campaign is not seperate from the struggles workers are waging every day - it is meant to strengthen them!
Cosatu News

Cosatu News, published by COSATU, the Congress of South African Trade Unions, documents the struggle of workers to gain power in the workplace in order to improve wages and work conditions and ultimately to replace capitalism with socialism.

Letter from Jen Curtis, Secretary-General, NUSWEL, to Wages and Economics Commission Chairmen

Confidential circular letter from Jen Curtis of the National Union of Students Welfare and Social Activities Department about the aims and goals of the Wages and Economics Commission, the method in which the commission should be structured and the methods of communication that should be employed

Women in medicine
Workers with progressive structures
African wages
Workers demand a living wage

A booklet created by the Commercial Catering and Allied Workers Union of South Africa (CCAWUSA) which explains how companies are controlled and how shareholders get money from shares. It also talks about workers demands, the increase of the wages and their rights to strike.


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