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Beyond the Bodycount
In the Years Between Sharpeville and Bisho Many Have Died
Such Tragedies are Inevitable Outcome of Verwoerd's Crazy Vision
Editorial: 1991 - Where Will it Take Us?
The Gangs of Cape Town
The Vaal Triangle Upheaval
The Christian Understanding of Politics and Violence in South Africa
Editorial: Ambivalence on Violence
Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Lecture
Misery in Happy Valley
Programme of action for the ANC

Programme of action for the ANC. Lists upcoming campaigns: Violence, Constituent Assembly, Land and Housing, Building organs of people's power, Gangsterism, Living Wage, Privatisation and Labour Issues. Looks at structure of the campaigns.

Force or violence
South African repression - who does it affect, Christian or non-Christian?
The expresion "Bloody Boer" cannot be without significance

Statement by the Honourable Prime Minister, Comrade R.G. Mugabe, at the opening session of the International Conferenceon children,repression and the law in apartheid South Africa. Harare, 24th september 1987.

Apartheid feeds on blood
Who cannot take sides?

Statement by Mrs Lisbet Palme at the International Conference on children, repression and law in apartheid South Africa, Harare, 24th september, 1987.

Week of actions by unions
Call for restraint after bombing
Violence on the mines


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