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"Only worker unity will safeguard S A`s future"
"Strive to build a strong working class movement"

"Unity" - Edmund Mseleku

African Art Centre, 1989.

"We must build a real worker movement"
"We should not allow the South African Government..."
"What is to be done?"
"You will see a Black president of SA...": nothing more important than Black unity
'Unity should be the watchword of the union movement'
'We are ready to go in' - FCWU
A brief general statement on the political situation in South Africa

Statement by the ANC National Executive Committee on the current political situation in South Africa, as examined by the meeting of the ANC National Executive Committee in Zambia, August 27-31 in 1971. Calls for unity and united action for the seizure of power.

A call for Unity

A call for Unity by the Unity Movement of South Africa. Calls for all South African liberation movements to present a united front against oppression.

A clarion call for unity
A united federation: An important key
Africa's path in history
African and Indian in Durban
Azikhwelwa, to all Form 3 Students

Circular, issued by Soweto Students Representative Council, in English and Sotho, asks students to return to school to write their examination and calls for continued community support for national liberation

Black communalism seen through labour perspectives

A paper presented at the Mafeking Seminar discussing Black communalism as a way of life. The South African labour system is complex and based on separate development. A case is made for trade union unity based on Black Consciousness principles.

Black Peoples Convention

A flyer published in Zulu by the Black Peoples Convention urging unity and solidarity of its members. The flyer is accompanied by a handwritten draft in English and a translation from the Zulu version by the Control Interpreter, Magistrate's Office in Durban.

Black unity: the crucial factor


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