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Municipal elections
N.Transvaal UDF condemns repression against its people
Natal Consultative Conference

Natal Consultative Conference held on the 4th of August 1990 where H Gwala made the following statement: revolution made and lost - if at a critical stage we fail to make correct decisions.

Natal Indian Congress and United Democratic Front - 1983-1986

Newspaper Articles

National Executive Committee statement for United Democratic Front news

Statement from the National Executive Committee appreciating the achievements by the United Democratic Front since the launch, and thanking people for their response in boycotting the elections. First draft also included.

National Forum: `engaged in debate and struggle`
National press statement

National press statement by Murphy Morobe of the United Democratic Front where they condemn the latest incursion by the SADF into Botswana.

National statement on NZRFU decision to tour South Africa

National statement on NZRFU decision to tour South Africa

Nchabaleng combatant and patriot

Article looking at the question of negotiation and the approach of the democratic movement.

New ball-game in South African politics

The launching of the United Democratic Front in Cape Town marked the beginning of a new ball-game in South Africa.

New Deal? South Africa 1983

On 20th August 1983, the United Democratic Front was launched at the Rockland Civic Centre in Cape Town. It was a broad coalition of anti apartheid organizations that opposed the government's constitutional reform proposals.

New mood in white community
New year message of the United Democratic Front: December 1987

Press release from the United Democratic Front with a new year message in which the United Democratic Front salutes courage bravery and determination of the victims of apartheid and those still struggling for a democratic, non-racial and unitary South Africa.

Notes on meeting between PMC and UDF/COSATU Delegation

Notes on a meeting between the African National Congress, the United Democratic Front and the Congress of South African Trade Unions, mainly about Inkatha.

Nothing's positive in apartheid, says Boesak

Allan Boesak address at the National Launch of the United Democratic Front held in Cape Town "nothing's positive in apartheid".

Notice of Conference of Core Forces on violence in Natal

Notice of Conference of Core Forces on violence in Natal, this conference was a replacement of a postpones Peace Conference that was supposed to take place.

Obstacles to free and fair elections in Namibia

UN Resolution 435, which provided for free and fair elections in Namibia, was implemented on 1 April 1989. A Special Representative of the UN Secretary General and a UN Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG) were responsible for the supervision and control of this process .

On discipline

Booklet on discpline. According to UDF the concept of discipline arises from political conciousness.

On the White Elections

Article by the United Democratic Front regarding the whites only elections.The Front calls on South Africans, especially white compatriots to reject the elections.


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