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Albert Lutuli's Interview with Drum, Johannesburg, January 19551
Treason Trial - 1985
Resolutions passed at the 11th Annual Provincial Conference held on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd November 1958

Resolutions passed at Annual conference - N.I.C.

The Treason Trial

Forward to book by Helen Joseph. If This Be Treason. London: Andre Deutsch, 1963

Political Trials: General

Throughout 1955 and 1956 the Special Branch conducted a series of raids on offices and private homes of hundreds of opponents of apartheid. Documents, letters, pamphlets, even pieces of clothing were seized in preparation for a show trial. Finally, early on

Nelson Mandela's Testimony At the Treason Trial, 1956-1960

In response to the growing unity and strength of the Congress Movement as a united front following the adoption of the Freedom Charter, the government arrested 156 political leaders in a mass police swoop on 5 December 1956 and charged them with high treason, a grave charge carrying the death pen

Letter from Wolf to Peter Brown
Letter from Wolf to Peter Brown
PC170 Magnus Gunther Collection: Liberal Party 1958-1966
Nelson Mandela and Nana Sita

Nelson Mandela and Nana Sita

The accused 156 leaders of the Congress Alliance

The accused 156 leaders of the Congress Alliance comprised men & women of every racial group & from every part of the country.

The Freedom Charter formed the basis of the charge when in December 1956, 156 leaders of the Congress Alliance were arrested & charged with high treason.

In 1956, their question was answered when 156 Congress leaders were arrested and put on trial for high treason. The swoop came in the early ...

Civil Rights News Letter, April 1961
Bobby Tsotsobe. ANC Member 1981. Treason Trial

Booby Tsotsobe, ANC, Treason Trial, Court, police, AKM Docrat

Letter from Mogan to Phyllis Naidoo

We beg to refer you to your undertaking to get in touch, nay beseech your cot-fixer ( 40 years of age renovated to Modern day furniture - Cot) and your promise that he would do likewise to the above-mentioned desk, at a price of course.

Notes on Winnie Mandela
Fighting Talk Volume 12 Number 6 September 1958

Fighting Talk - a monthly journal for democrats

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