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Letter from Christina to Phyllis Naidoo

I was very pleased to receive your letter, I am afraid that I haven’t written.

Letter from Bernhard and Margaret to Phyllis Naidoo

Thank you so much for your nice letters, the one from 18th April arrived already one month ago.

Letter from Rhonda to Phyllis Naidoo

It was great to have a stack of letters waiting when I returned. I was a little too ambitious in my travel plans. It was not that fast traveling around Mozambique.

Letter from Frederick to Phyllis Naidoo

Although I’m very glad Rhonda was transferred to our office in Nairobi, I had one regret and that was that I would be losing my contact with you. Anyhow, I will always be grateful for the chance of meeting you, and I hope my travels will bring me again to Lesotho while you are still there.

Letter from Carol to Phyllis Naidoo

Thank you for taking care of Bud. He said he walked you all over Durban! The sandals are great. I was glad to here you are now well or lots better. Travel, you know, can help you write! Come!

A matter of landscape

Facts of the Rhodesian situation before Commonwealth leaders.

Encounter with New York - Part one

Perceptions of New York.

Harlem and the village

The author looks at New York.

A Doctor Visits China
Meeting between the African National Congress and the University of Natal

Documents relating to a meeting between the African National Congress and the University of Natal.

Circular from the Foundation Danielle Mitterrand

Document containing general information concerning the Paris meeting taking place on the 27th of November to the 2nd of December. It covers travel arrangements, lodging, general organisation, communication with the outside world, medical Assistance, weather, clothes and security.

Travels in tribalism
The Soviet Union: travel notes of a South African
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