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The aims and scope of the study
Resister - Journal of the Committee of the South African War Resistance. Number 45 Aug 1986
Zimbabwe lessons for South Africa
FOCUS: Supplement to No87 March-April 1990

political repression in South Africa and Namibia

Letter from Betzy to Phyllis Naidoo

Hello! It has been such a long time since I 've seen you - but I've thought of you so often.

Corporation of the City of Durban response to proposed Round-Table Discussion: Appointment of the Indian Affairs Advisory Sub-Committee

Further to my letter of the 13th ultimo and earlier correspondence on the above subject, I have to advise that on the recommendation of the general Purpose Committee...

Corporation of the City of Durban response on the Proposed Round Table Discussion

I thank you for your letter of the 12th instant herein.....

Proposed Round Table Conference

We are in receipt of your letter of the 30th July 1946

In reply to your letter of the 12th February 1946 we replied the same day stating, that we had appointed Dr.G.M. Naicker, Messrs M.D.Naldoo and A.I Meer

Correspondence between Natal Indian Congress and the Durban Council in connection with the City Council's proposal for Round Table Discussion

As you are no doubt aware the City Council has prepared its plan for the development of the City of Durban during the post-war period and.....

NMA - Secretarial Circular

During the past few days Mr E.R.Browne M.P.C. has presented, a five page Memorandum to the Executive Committee of the Province on the subject of Indlan.Penetration in urban areas......

Report of Asiatic Land Laws Commission

In terms of Commissions issued by Your Excellency on 3rd February, 1938, and 24th March, 1938, the undersigned were appointed as Your Excellency's Commissioners to enquire into and report whether, and if so to what extent, the letter and spirit of any law restricting or prohibiting the ownership,

Correspondence between the government of India and the government of the Union of South Africa regarding the position of Indians in South Africa

We have the honour to address you regarding position of Indian community in South Africa. During last four years it bas frequently formed subject of representations on our part both in its general aspect and with reference to particular measures such Durban and Natal Land....


It is notified for general information that His Excellency the Officer Administering the Government of the Union of South Africa has been pleased to appoint a Commission to inquire i"nto and report upon -

Inside South Africa

A monthly letter about events in South Africa.

Separate development: the receiving end

What are they hiding behind their backs.

The isolation of "Boeta L"

Atteridgeville in 1964.

A policeman with a bunch of keys

The story of high rents in a Pretoria location.

Rents: paying for incorporation
Alexandra township: 'uplift' or co-option?
The Dark Alexandra Township


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