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A meeting of the Committee of the Natal Indian Congress was held on Sunday 18th February, 1940.

The question of the alleged penetration by Indians of European areas and the appointment of a judicial commission and the establishment of a joint Committee of representatives of the Durban City Council and the Natal In:'l.ian Association were fully discussed and the following declaration of poli

Letter from the Office of the Minister of the Interior and Public Health to the Durban City Council dated 16th January 1940

Dear Mr Mayor,

I wish to confirm my telegram of todays date reading as follows-:

"Understand from Press reports that General Purpose Committee recommend refusal by City Council of suggestion by Department.........

Meeting held between the City Council and Natal Indian Association

A Special meeting of the above Committee will be held in No. 5 Committee Room, Municipal Buildings, an Wednesday next, 27th March, 1940, at 2.50 p.m. for the purpose of interviewing Land and Estate Agents in Durban on the points contained in the attached circular letter.....

Memorandum to the Town Clerk / Lawrence Committee : Memorandum By Natal Indian Association

I have examined very carefully the memorandum submitted by the Natal Indian Association on the 29th May last upon which the Council members of the Lawrence Committee have so far been unable to come to any decision.....

Minutes of the City Council dated 22nd Oct 1940

We have reported that Councillor D G Shepstone has resigned from this Committee by Letter dated 14th October 1940.

City of Durban Mayor's Minutes for the Year Ended 30 September 1940

The development and progress of our City on scientific lines is an aspect of the Council's activities which the , Council has kept well in mind for many years, and for the improvements which have been effected in the layout of the more modem portions of the city, we have good reason to thank the


It is notified for general information that His Excellency the Officer Administering the Government of the Union of South Africa has been pleased to appoint a Commission to inquire i"nto and report upon -

Borough of Dundee

Dundee - Borough in the Northern Natal

Attitudes to integration may be changing


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