Thabo Mbeki

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South African Political Newspaper articles - African National Congress - 1998-1999
The Life and Times of Thabo Mbeki
The politics of poverty

In the 1998 parliamentary debate on reconci I iation and nation-bui I ding, then deputy president Thabo Mbeki famously argued that South Africa comprised two 'nations' divided by poverty:

State of the Nation Address of the President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki: Joint Sitting of Parliamen

Madame Speaker of the National Assembly Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces

South Africa - The Rainbow Nation and Prospects for Consolidating Democracy


SA political press cuttings

Press cuttings

Street Paintings
Letter from Jack Simons to Phyllis Naidoo

The Macmillan Press & Clarke ' S Bookshop Take Pleasure In Inviting You To Honor The Memory Of Jack Simons At The Launch Of His Book Struggles In Southern Africa For Survival And Equality

Letter from Esther to Phyllis Naidoo

Its over 2 months ago that You've wrote to me about Sahdhan's death. What would have been his 36th birthday. I must apologize for not writing earlier but I've been away.

He has captured great legends - Sabapathy, Collin

A Leading South African Indian artist hopes that one day his work will be as valuable as that of world renowned artists Van Gogh and Michelangelo ..

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