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Early Indian Indentured Labour

Individual images of early Indian Indentured labourers in the Colony of Natal

Indians disembarking

The arrival and settlement of Indentured Indians in Natal inevitably paved way for 'free' ... When he attempted to disembark at the Point, together ...

Indian Immigrants at the Bluff, Durban

rrival of the first indentured Indians, an event that was to have far-reaching results for the ... labour and would thus be a useful immigrant in the colony where ... brought ashore in small boats and then transferred to the Depot on the. Bluff.

Sugar cane crusher

Farmer over looks the Sugarcane crusher in the early 1900s

Letter written by Anthony Wilkinson to his Father William October 1862

Display of Anthony Wilkinson's letters to his father at the Tongaat Legacy Foundation


Tongaat was established in 1945 and its name was taken from the name of the uThongathi River which passes by the town: ...

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