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Letter from Peter Brown to Mr. Joseph Malindi

Received a letter for a subscription to REALITY.July edition was sent , 

Letter from University of Cape Town to Reality

A second subscription for REALITY, commence with vol.20, no1, 1988

Letter from Peter Brown to Mrs Jean farrant

Missing Subscription cash for the subscription has not reached REALITY magazine 

Letter from Peter Brown to Venn Memeth and Hart

A letter written to acknowledge receipt of subscription fee to Reality.

Letter from University of South Africa to REALITY

renew this subscription

without delay and invoice us accordingly.

Letter from IUED Isabelle Hammond to REALITY

IUED requested a subscription for REALITY, starting with 1987 issue and requested an ivoice

Letter from Mrs Jean Farrant

Subscription fee paid from England 5 Pounds to REALITY.

Letter from F. Wotherspoon to Reality Publications

Replacement copy of Reality vol. 19 no.3 1987  received  and renewal invoice for 1988

Letter to Gregory Gransden from Peter Brown

Many thanks for your subscripion and donation which......

Letter from Bill Paton to the Southern African literature society

Thank you for continuing to send us 20 copies of Reality.....

Letter from Barry Mathews to Phyllis Naidoo

We met some months ago in Masite – that my credentials!!

Letter from Kathy, Wayne, Josh and Carrie to Phyllis Naidoo

You spent 4 years in this beautiful country. Here's a bit of it from this years calendar.

Letter from Masia to Phyllis Naidoo

How are you keeping, came across your last letter in my diary.

Letter from Wayne to Phyllis Naidoo and Sukhthi

I wish you weren’t so far away so we could at least plan to get together soon. We’ve been gone about two months and it seems like much longer.

Letter from Sandra Lee Braude to Phyllis Naidoo

Your current subscription to herStoriA: South African Womens' Journal ends with the issue you are now receiving. We are enclosing a Renewal Form, and look forward to your continued subscription and readership.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Peta

Herewith Jim Gales papers could you fax Irene Gale and ask her if a postmortem was held. Tell her I've sent you papers. When finished return please.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to M & G Manager

I paid a subscription for a years supply of M&G as a birthday present for the 29th May, last year. I want to repeat the same for another year. To avoid a break in the delivery to her I want to pay an early subscription of R140.00, cheque enclosed.

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