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Student and teachers in front of Wrack Classrooms

Teachers and students in front  of damaged classroom

Salisbury Island Students

Three distinct vignettes on "Salisbury Island", have been composed for this discussion on the tribal college for Indians inaugurated in 1961 on Salisbury Island, an old naval base at the Durban Harbour.


Exhibition of crafts made by students at the School for the Deaf

Audience at the event held by the hearing impaired school

Student and audience at the function

Pupils in Classes

Biology class

Group photograph of student and teachers

Students and teachers group photograph

Sastri College Athletes

Sastri College athleties working out

Sastri College Class Photograph

Group photograph - Sastri College, students and teacher

Letter from Gwen and Frank to Phyllis Naidoo

Thank your letter dated 30.1.81.

Sastri College library facilities

Students in the Library

Class photograph - Sastri College

Sastri College class photograph

Sastri College Student

Student of Sastri College

Student of Sastri College

Sastri College Student

Sastri College Sports

Sastri college sports team

Sastri College soccer team

Soccer team photograph

Teachers and Students of Sastri College

Group photograph of teachers and pupils

Pupil of Sastri College

Sastri College Student

Typing class at Sastri College

Typing class in session

Sastri College teacher and student photograph

Group photograph with teachers and students of Sastri College

Motor mechanic workshop - ML Sultan Technikon

Students in the motor mechanic workshop at ML Sultan Technikon


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