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Marie Dyer Collection: Dick King statue...Durban. Dick King standbeeld

Black and white print 16.6 x 21.5cm

Peter Brown Collection: Statue of Queen Victoria outside Parliament building, Pietermaritzburg

Black and white print 25.3 x 18.4cm

Unification Buddha

The Buddha is the largest seated bronze Buddha statue in the world, at 14.6m high, excluding the halo, lightning rod and pedestal.

Gardner Street

Gardner Street in Durban. Dick King Statue and hotels

Dick King

Dick King is best known for his epic 10-day ride from Durban (then it was called Port Natal) to Grahamstown in 1842 to round up reinforcements for the British.

"Four women stood for an hour at the corners of President Brand's statue in Bloemfontein"

Black and white print 16.8 x 12.8

Phil Kolbe

Artist and sculptor of the M K Gandhi Statue in Pietermaritzburg

Building Bhawani Dayal Statue

Statue, Gardens, Cape Town

Queen Victoria statue

Queen Victoria statue, Cape Town

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