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New Age Vol.8 No.17 Feb. 1962
New Age Vol.7 No.9 Dec. 1960
New Age Vol.7 No.44 Aug. 1961
New Age Vol.7 No.16 Feb. 1961
New Age Vol.7 No.1 Oct. 1960
New Age Vol.7 No.8 Dec. 1960
New Age Vol.6 No.27 Sept. 1960
Memorandum delivered to De Klerk

Memorandum delivered to President De Klerk by Rev Chikane, Rev Boesak and Archbishop Tutu outlining six points that they felt the South African Government should take to promote negotiation and to dismantle apartheid.

Putting the screws on
Isizwe the nation: Journal of the United Democratic Front Volume 1 Number 1, 1985

Journal of the United Democratic Front discussing: tasks of the UDF in the state of emergency, convention alliance, on discipline, unemployment and UDF and the international struggle.

2 Emergencies 1960 and 1986
The tasks of the Democratic Movement in the State of Emergency
Grassroots Volume 6 Number 11 December 1985

A non-profit community newsletter.

SANS calls for lifting State of Emergency
Stop assaults and detentions
Boycott - FOSATU and other unions put their muscle behind a country-wide consumer boycott

FOSATU together with the Food and Canning Workers Union, the Commercial Catering and Allied Workers Union, the General Workers Union, the Cape Town Municipal Workers Association and the National Union of Mineworkers have decided to put their weight behind a national consumer boycott in protest at

Over 1 500 detained since July 20

One of the major reasons for the State President, PW Botha, declaring a State of Emergency in 36 magisterial districts was to justify the mass detentions of some 1 500 people since July 20.

Mass detentions, now a curfew

Using the special powers granted to it by the declaration of a State of Emergency, the South African Police has declared a curfew in a number of Eastern Cape townships.

Descom Bulletin No 9, November 1985


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