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Memorandum presented by National Union of South African Students to the Select Committee on Certain Organisations - August 1972

Official memorandum presented by the National Union of South African Students to the Select Committee on Certain Organisations, including NUSAS (the Schlebusch Commission of Inquiry). The structure, activities and history of NUSAS are described.

Memorandum: Conference 1972

A SASO memorandum to SRC Presidents, SASO Local Committees, Black Organisations, Overseas Correspondents and others about the proceedings of the 1972 SASO conference

Minutes of Meeting of the SRC Presidents, SASO Executive Committee and representatives of SASO on campus, held at Alan Taylor Residence on Saturday 17th June 1972

Minutes of the meeting which included a review of activities on Black campuses and the expulsion of students at Turfloop and the Alice Declaration of 13 th May 1972

Minutes of the 1969 SASO Conference

Minutes of the SASO Conference

Minutes of the Proceedings of the Executive Council Meeting held at Edendale Ecumenical Lay Centre, Pietermaritzburg, on 1-3 December 1972

Minutes of the Meeting

Paper on SASO

Confidential paper from the President of the National Union of South African Students (NUSAS) to the members of the National Council of the NUSAS, discussing the relationship between NUSAS and the SASO (South African Students Organisation).

Permanent Organisers Department SASO Leadership Training Programmes: Black Youth Groups and Schools

Programme and motivation for leadership training amongst Black youth Groups and schools

Practical application of the ideology of Black Consciousness

The memorandum outlines the practical application of Black Consciousness ideologies

Presidential address to the 8th GCS

The Presidential Address to the 8th General Council meeting of the South African Students' Organisation, 4-9 July 1976

Press release issued following the Mariannhill Conference held on 1-3 December 1968.

The press release provides reasons for establishing a national student organisation (SASO) South African Students Organisation..

Press Statement concerning the transition in Mozambique: riots, rallies etc

A press statement issued by SASO on the independance of Mozambique

Report of CULCOMM to the NEC held at Alan Taylor residence

A report on the promotion of Black arts and cultural activities by the Black Conciousness Movement.

Report on the 1st National Formation School held on the 1st to the 4th December 1969. at the Black Section,University of Natal

The idea behind the Formation school was to allow participants the chance for self-development through participation in discussions and other projects.This offered participants training in leadership skills which will contribute to to developing capable leaders within SASO.

Rubin Hare, affidavit re treatment by police following arrest on November 7, 1974, in Cape Town, International Universities Exchange Fund, The New Terrorists, 1976

An affidavit, written on 13 February 1975, by Rubin William Hare regarding his treatment by police following his arrest on 7 November 1974 in Cape Town

SASO Executive and Staff: Minutes of the meeting held in Durban at Head Office, 23 March 1974

The meeting discussed the business affairs of the branches of the South African Students Organisation

SASO Newsletter, 1970 - 1976

By the late 1960s many black students increasingly began to feel the frustration and disillusionment similar to that which had led to the Fort Hare SRC to disaffiliate from NUSAS in 1952.

SASO: Executive and Staff

The circular contains a list of names of the Executive members and staff of SASO for the years 1974 and 1975

SASO: Minutes of the National Executive meeting held at the Lay Ecumenical Centre, Pietermaritzburg, from 12th-13th November 1973

This is not a complete report on what took place at the National Executive Committee meeting. Some documents were seized by the Police in Alice before the full report could be made.

South African Students Organisation: SASO Policy Manifesto

SASO Policy Manifesto

South African Students Organisations

This is a letter from Barney Pityana about the historical background of the South African Students Organisation, structure, aims, the press, protests, and independence for the black universities.


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