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Pietermaritzburg: the first real study of a complicated tragedy
Power, patriotism, principle: Opening Address presented at the Black Sash National Conference held at Pietermaritzburg, 1969

Power, patriotism, principle: Opening address by Jean Sinclair at presented at the Black Sash National Conference held at Pietermaritzburg on 21 October 1969, discussing: legislative power of regions, racial inequalities, separate development, bantu education, banning orders, detention powers of

Promotion of Bantu Self-governing Act, Act No 46 of 1959

The Act was to provide for the gradual development of self-governing Bantu national units and for direct consultation between the Government of the Union and the said national units in regard to matters affecting the interests of such national units; to amend the Native Administration Act, 1927,

Report of the Department of Coloured Affairs for the period 1st April 1955 - 31st December 1958

Report by the South African Department of Coloured Affairs outlining activities and new developments relating to the Coloured population

Report on the Whittlesea Resettlement areas with special reference to Zweledinga

Report by the Border Council of Churches on problems faced by Black families who were forcibly removed from their homes because of the policy of separate development and resettled at Whittlesea.

Representations on the Glenmore removals

Report on the forced removals of Black families from Klipfontein and Kenton-on-Sea to Glenmore Township.

Separate development: the receiving end

What are they hiding behind their backs.

Separate Representation of Voters Act, Act No 46 of 1951

The Act was to make provision for the separate representation in Parliament and in the provincial council of the province of the Cape of Good Hope of Europeans and non-Europeans in that province, and to that end to amend the law relating to the registration of Europeans and non-Europeans as voter

Separate, but equal?
Separatism or separation: A discussion of separatism in America as compared
Six portraits of apartheid (I): the intellectual fraud
Slum conditions at Korsten, Port Elizabeth

Papers relating to the clearance of slums in Korsten

Social and political implications of separate development in the homelands examined
Statement given to Sunday Times

Draft statement prepared for the Sunday Times opposing the forced removals of the Fingo people from their land

Taxing destitution

Editorial for the independent newspaper, Ikhwezi Lomso by I B Tabata, regarding the Budget Speech.

Tembani's personal "deed"

Handwritten statement about Isaac Tembani's application to reclaim his land in Tsitsikamma from which he was forcibly removed.

The attack on the Senate
The Bantustan fantasia
The Black Sash
The Bloemfontein Charter


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