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Editorial: "Free Enterprise" and the "Blackspots"
That Bill Again
The Prevention of Improper Interference Bill
Apartheid - Only a Policy?
Declaration of Unity and the Ten Point Programme

Statement approved by the Continuation Committee of the Preliminary Unity Conference of Delegates from the AAC and the National Anti-C.A.D., December 17, 1943. This document highlights and describes the Ten Point Programme of the Unity Movement.

Photograph: illustrating entertainment facilities for Black and Coloured people in the 1950's

Photograph showing a dancing scene (of Coloured people) at a nightclub in District Six, Cape Town.

Apartheid and the Medical School

SOYA condemns the idea of the governments intention to transfer administrative control of the Medical School, Durban from the University of Natal to the Univdersity of South Africa, and further condemns the whole system of oppression in dividing the people by colour and now in education as well.

Mineworkers defy racism
New Age Vol.8 No.19 Feb. 1962
New Age Vol.8 No.20 Mar. 1962
New Age Vol.4 No.557 Nov. 1957
Minutes of the Black Sash Annual National Conference held at Johannesburg

Minutes of the Black Sash Annual National Conference held at Johannesburg on 16 to 18 October 1967, discussing: minutes of previous conference, regional reports, magazine, bilingual propaganda, position of African women in urban areas, resettlement villages, farm labourers, finances, housing, edu

Grahamstown and group areas: some facts

Map showing the plan of the city of Grahamstown under the Group Areas.

What is apartheid?
Urban Bantu Councils Act, Act No 79 of 1961

The Act was to provide for the establishment of urban Bantu councils, the conferring on certain Bantu of civil and criminal jurisdiction in urban areas, the establishment of community guards in certain areas, and matters incidental thereto, and to amend the Natives (Urban Areas) Consolidation Act

Housing for control
Fighting Talk Volume 12 Number 3 March 1956

Fighting Talk -a monthly journal for the democrats

Open cities campaign takes off
Segregation in the United States


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