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God and the underdog

Thoughts on the rise of Africa.

Helping the revolution: a story

A personal story.

Images of defiance: South African resistance posters of the 1980`s
June 26th Freedom Day
Karl Marx's 'Capital'

Commemoration of the centenary of the publication of Karl Marx's greatest work, Capital.

Lessons of losing power: Grenada`s New Jewel Movement
Making of a revolutionary army
Marxism through African eyes

How Africa sees Marxist interpretation of the African revolution.

Mass creativity, mass warfare

Mayibuye, published for many years as a small, underground newsletter, was one of three African National Congress publications alongside Sechaba and Dawn (Umkhonto we Sizwe). Circulation was limited and hampered by conditions of illegality.

Message from the Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) to the Workers` Summit held on 26 August 1989
MK soldiers` viewpoint: Our presence is needed - a maturing revolutionary situation
Money Makes The World Go Around
Morocco: monarchy and revolution
No revolution round the corner
Notes on Theory No 6: What is socialism Part 2
On the threshold of the 21st century: Calling all Azanians
Oppression And Suppression - A New Consolidation in South Africa

The world capitalist press is at present engaged in composing rival variations on an identical theme: the Vorster regime's 'new, outgoing and pragmatic approach' to politics.

PAC is the revolution
Palestine will be free! Zionism, white supremacy and the Palestine revolution


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