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Retrenched workers paid R2 500
Rehiring of workers becomes prime issue
Retrenchment blocked
Litemaster workers win R800 000 in biggest claim awarded by court
Tough year ahead for workers but retrenchments can be fought
Volkswagen backs down
Lay-offs blocked
A retrenched worker talks
Bosses send workers home to die
Motor industry attacked for putting profits before people

The year 1983 will test the strength of the trade union movement. Our organisation will be attacked by retrenchment and opportunist political leadership will try and carry workers with them into the false promise of new constitutional structures.

Fighting retrenchment

Retrenchment Is cAused by the free market system that places profit before people. But with organisation we can fight retrenchment.

Breakthrough at Dorbyl

The giant Dorbyl group, which has been hit by a number of strikes over retrenchment, has backed down on its refusal to negotiate severance pay at factory-level.

Barlows company refuses to discuss retrenchments with shop stewards

For the second time SA Traction Manufacturing at Germiston has refused to negotiate retrenchments with the Metal and Allied Workers Union.

Motor merger slammed
Ice cream workers freeze lay-offs
Fight every retrenchment
Retrenchments: defend Steele Brothers
The struggle in perspective: some ideas

Article by the United Democratic Front in which the Front looks at the crisis facing the ruling party as a result of contradictions in South African capitalism.


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