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The Indian in the Republic
My first five years 2

Encounters with a School Principal.

Editorial: More Divided Than Ever
The Non-Republic of South Africa: what it means for the Black man

This SASO pamphlet sets out the SASO view of the Nationalists' Republic of South Africa.

Background to the 20th anniversary of Republic Day, 31st May 1981

Pamphlet issued by the Commission for Justice and Reconciliation about the background to the 20th anniversary of the Republic Day on 31st May 1981. The meaning of Republic is also discussed, followed by the brief survey of significant events since 1961.

Letter from Neville Curtis, NUSAS, to Dear Sir

Letter from Neville Curtis, President of NUSAS, stating the attitude of the National Union of South African Students towards planned Republic Day celebrations and giving the resolution taken by the National Council of NUSAS. Includes a letter addressed to the Prime Minister.

Twenty years of the fascist republic: Part two
I speak my mind on the fascist Republic
The Same boat
The Referendum and after
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