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State of emergency will not smash us
Statement of the United Democratic Front National General Council

Statement of the National General Council meeting held on the 5th to 7th April 1985 where more than 300 delegates attended the meeting in Azaadville.

Strategies of Repression in the State of Emergency

Article by the United Democratic Front on the State of Emergency and the counter-revolutionary forces in the townships.

Strikes and disputes: March 15 to April 30
Stuyco organising the community
Sudan's dictatorship: in the service of imperialism
Tension in Ikageng
The current situation inside SA

Report from Natal on the current political situation in South Africa. Examines results of regime's repression. Demonstrates refusal of the people to submit to Inkatha or the Government.

The declaration of the state of emergency

Statement issued in response to the declaration of the state of emergency

The donkey struggle in the northern Cape
The Heart of darkness
The question of unity - a reply
The repugnant elements in the Western Culture

The use of White religion and politics to keep Blacks under the supression of the Nationalist government is questioned. It also suggests that the social atmosphere of the Black family setting has been destroyed by a capitalist society.

The seven generals: a study of the Sudan
The Single standard
The state`s whole repressive machinery
The stories of two poets under the Portuguese colonial heel

The stories of these two young poets, one humiliated by surrender and the other degraded by callous injustice, are buy no means the most cruel in the Portuguese authorities' record of repression of African Nationalists.

The student movement in the struggle for democracy

Speech by the guest speaker, Joe Phaahla, President of the Azanian Students' Organisation (AZASO), at the 59th Annual Congress of the National Union of South African Students, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, 28 November to 3 December 1981.

The United States at U.N.O
Towards a common future


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