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Letters between Phyllis Naidoo and Sarah.

Letters between Phyllis Naidoo and Sarah.

Churches to campaign for loans for the poor

THE Diakonia Council of Churches intends to campaign vigorously on the issue of credit for......

Inflation depreciation press cuttings
Letters between Beyers Naude and Ilse and Phyllis Naidoo

Letters between Beyers Naude and Ilse and Phyllis Naidoo

Notes on the proceedings of the 2nd meeting of the North Coast regional plan steering committee
A study aimed at raising levels of income of Indians in the lower income group
Highlights of the 2002 budget
A peoples guide..... Budget 2004
Youth Action To Seize The Opportunities Of Democracy; pushing back the frontiers of poverty
White Racism
Democracy Watch - education for citizen publication
Seeing is believing here is the truth about South Africa
From the beginning life is hard in Southern Africa
Freedom for my people: The autobiography of ZK Matthews, southern Africa 1901 to 1968

Chapter 7 - Political Activity.· 1940-53

Chapter 9 - Political Activity: 1953-51

Chapter 10 - Fort Hare: Acting Principal: Trial for Treason: Expropriation

Forty two years of Apartheid 1948-1990
  • Crisis years Inside and Outside South Africa, 1974-1980
  • Five minutes to Midnight: how close was revolution between 1977 and 1990?
African Christian Democratic Part - Press Cuttings
The politics of poverty

In the 1998 parliamentary debate on reconci I iation and nation-bui I ding, then deputy president Thabo Mbeki famously argued that South Africa comprised two 'nations' divided by poverty:

IFP National Manifesto

South Africa can and must be better. It is an extraordinary country endowed with extraordinary people and a wealth of resources. If South Africa is going to be the twenty-first century success story that we all know it can be, bold change is needed now.

Daily News BALLOT 2004: South Africa Votes. Tuesday, April 13 2004
ANC manifesto 2004


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