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David Madurai petition
Manonmoney Naidoo and Shantivathie Naidoo

With a postive conviction....

Manonmony Pillay - Amma Naidoo

Mononmony married Narainsamy (Naran) Naidoo in 1934. She became known as "Ama" or “Amma” (mother) not only to her children but also to thousands of people in the freedom movement.

Mayibuye -Dec 1992
Satyagrahi : Thailema

Thayanayagie (Thailema), daughter of Veerammal Naidoo and Govindasamy Kristshnasamy, was four years old when her family moved to the Tolstoy Farm. Gandhi, with the help of....


Satyagrahi Thailema
Soorabji Rustomjee
Thanga Kollapen and Sintha Naidoo (Thailema’s daughter)

Family of Thayanayagie (Thailema) Naidoo

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