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Beyond Apartheid: Race, Transformation and Governance in KwaZulu-Natal Cricket

In February 1990 South African President FW de Klerk unbanned the African National Congress (ANC), the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the Pan African Congress (PAC), allowing these organisations to return to 'normal'and active politics within the country after an absence of almost three

The Wananchi Declaration

The Wananchi Declaration is the political manifesto of the Kenyan People's Party (KPU).

Will KPU survive?

The government has no cause to fear Oginga Odinga if it does not fear the will of Kenya.

The triple challenge before Ghana

Austerity, participation and dialogue - these are vital needs that Ghana's leaders must satisfy now.

Lesotho dilemma

Lesotho is part of Africa and its inheritors will be the men who have seen this simple truth and acted upon it.

Bridging South Africa's youth gap

Article looking at the limited non-racial options for youth in South Africa.

The New African: Volume 4, Number 4, June 1965
Smith's blank cheque

The overwhelming victory of the Rhodesian Front, led by strong-man Ian Smith, in the Colony's general elections on 7th May 1965, meant the end of the multi-racial opposition Rhodesian Party led by David Butler.

Reconstruction begins

Zambian elections.

Nigeria's mythical independence

The legacy of indirect rule.

The clash becomes inevitable

Editorial on the declaration of ZAPU as an unlawful organisation in Rhodesia.

Direction or destination

Editorial on the declaration of ZAPU as an unlawful organisation in Rhodesia.

Mandela Mystery

Editorial around Nelson Mandela and Communism.

Northern Rhodesia elections: the widening breach

The general election that took place in Northern Rhodesia in October brought to light two main facts above all others.

Hard work and vision

The opposition's road out of adversity.

Where's the bloody horse?

March 21st 1962, second anniversary of Sharpeville.

Five aspects, four bad

On behalf of his party the leader of the Swaziland Progressive Party comments on the Swaziland Constitutional Committee's report to the British Government.


Umsebenzi, mouthpiece of the South African Communist Party, deals with issues relating to the national liberation struggle, from a Communist ideological point of view. Other ideologies such as Marxism and Socialism are also discussed.

The Alliance born in Struggle: ANC-SACP
Theoria: a journal of studies in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences No.19 1962


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