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Smith Edwim Williams

 Smith Edwin Williams 1876-1958

Slater Francis

 Later Francis 1876-1958

Simmer and Jack Mine

  A. Simmer and J.Jack, B. Muirhead, T. Torbeck.


Sigananda 1816-1906

Siedle Otto

 Siedle Otto 1856-1948

Shrewbury William James

Shrewsbury  William James

Shepstone Theophilus

 SShepstone family

Shepstone Theophilus

Sir Theophilus Shepstone 1817-1893

Sir Shepstone Theophilis

Sir Shepstone and Lady Maria

Shepstone Theophilus

 Shepstone annexation party

Shepstone Theophilus

Shepstone  Theophilus 1843-1907

Rhodes Cecil John

 C.T. Rhodes seated at the spot he chose for his grave in the Matoppos with his friends.

Rhodes Cecil John

  Cecil John Rhodes, Johnny Grmmer on trek in Rhodesia wih his mansservant Tony de la Cruz in attendance.

Rhodes Cecil John

Rhodes Cecil John 1853-1902



Rathbone J.

Rathbone , J. fl 1879

Pringle Thomas

 Pringle Thomas 1789-1834

Potgieter, Catharina Elizabeth

Potgieter, Catharina Elizabeth, Fl. 1850

Ponsonby Lady Phyllis

Lady Ponsonby, Mrs P. Mackenzie, Miss Killie Campbell

Picnic at Rocklands

 Picnia at Rocklands, near Sinonstown, Given by Mr & Mrs Pigot Moodle as a farewell to admiral and mrs Wells on leaving the Cape station. 1890.


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