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Mrs Oftebro

 Oftebro Mrs, 1817- 1899

Norwegian Settlers

 Norwegian settlers unidentified

Ngidi William

Ngidi William fl 1865

Newnham William

 Newnham William Orde 1825-1893

Newnham Fanny Charlotte

Newnham, Fanny Charlotte


 Ndabuko 1880- 1900

National convention delegates

 National convention delegates at marianhill monastery

Nata resident

 Natal resident at dinner.

Natal politicians

 Natal politicians

Natal pioneers

Natal pioneers together with their servants.

National Converntion

National Converntion Durban 12th October- 5th November 1908

Natal Colony

 Natal Colony executive council

Napoleon Louis Bonaparte

Napoleon, Louis Bonaparte, Prince imperial of france, 1856-1879

Prince imperial of france

 Napoleon, Eugene Louis Jean Joseph,Prince Imperial of France, 1856-1879

Murchie Family

Mr A. Murchie, Mr F. Bell, A. Murchie, Jnr.

Muller Rev. H.

 Muller, Rev. H. fl 1860?

Moriarty David

Moriarty Capt. David. Captain of the 80 on regiment.

Montgomery A

 Montgomery A.

Mohr Edward

 Mohr Edward ? -1876

Moffat Robert

 Moffat Robert, 1795-1883


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