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The Split in the ANC, 1958
Plea to the N. G. Kerk in S. Africa From the Nyanga Bush People

Statement calling on the public to support a petition of the Students Representative Council of the University of Cape Town, asking the United Party to explain its stand on the banning of eight persons, seven of whom were office bearers of the National Union of South African Students.

New Age Vol.2 No.4356 Aug. 1956
New Age Vol.2 No.4256 Aug. 1956
New Age Vol.2 No.4156 Aug. 1956
South African Church leaders confront the Sstate

On Monday 29 February 1988, 125 clergy assembled at Cape Town's Anglican Cathedral and after a brief service set out on the short walk to Parliament to present a petition of protest.

Lotus River campaign brings results
20 000 Object to fares increases
Petition from Gaol
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