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Congress and the Africanists: (1) the Africanist case
Congress replies
Why the United Front failed: Disruptive role of the PAC

Why the United Front failed: Disruptive role of the PAC, by Dr Y M Dadoo, article published in New Age, March 29, 1962. Articles gives reasons for the failure of the 'United Front', citing the PAC 'attack' on the ANC and its leaders

The Pan Africanist Congress exists to subvert the South African liberation struggle

African National Congress document produced by their provisional headquarters in Morogoro, Tanzania, regarding the subversion of the struggle by the Pan Africanist Congress.

Africanist News and Views

Africanist News and Views, published by the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) of Azania (South Africa), expressed the Pan-Africanist viewpoint in the struggle for liberation.

Editorial notes: An insulting statement
Wreckers of the Fight against Apartheid: 1:The myth of PAC militancy


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