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Painting of Alan Paton by Cliff Brown,, 1988. Published in University of Natal Chronicle volume 12(2), August 1988

Black and white 16 x 20cm

Camp and Officer's house in Point Road

Watercolor scene of a camp and the officer's house at Point road in Durban, 1850.

The point Natal from West

Watercolor view of Port Natal taken from the west in 1851.

View of Durban Bay

Watercolor scene of the Durban View.

Port Natal from Congela

Watercolor scene of Port Natal, Congella in 1850. Huts, people and trees can be seen.

'Isandlwana Mission Station'

Watercolor scene of Isandlwana Mission Station in Zululand, 1880.

Rorkes Drift Mission Station

Watercolor scene of Rorkes Drift mission station in Natal, 1880.


Watercolor scene of Pretoria in 1862.


Watercolor scene of a meeting in Rustenburg.


Watercolor scene of a Village in Rhodesia which is now called Zimbabwe.

Durban Bay: View from the Glebe Verandah

Landscape scene of the Durban Bay in oil canvas.

'Wreck of the waterloo convict ship'

Watercolor scene of a ship sailing on the shore with mountains on the background.

Four Birds of Natal: Wagtail

Watercolor scene of one of the four birds of Natal standing on a stone. It is called a wagtail.

Four Birds of Natal: Amethyst

Watercolor scene of one of four of the birds of Natal, sitting on a flower. It is called the Amethyst, the sun bird of Natal.

Sailing Ship

Watercolor scene of a ship sailing in choppy waters.

Sailing Ship

Watercolor scene of a ship sailing in rough waters.

Hout Bay

Landscape scene of Hout Bay in 1934.

" Rasta man"

Black and white scene of a room with a television, radio and casettes. ( Type: Lead Pencil)


A colourful pen and pencil scene of road winding through a rural village with mountains.


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