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Letter from Zithulele Nyangana Cindi, Secretary-General of the Black Peoples Convention, to Comrades

Fund raising letter from Zithulele Nyangana Cindi, Secretary-General of the Black Peoples Convention, to "Comrades"

List of organisations which support and are affiliates of the Regional UDF

List of all the organisations which supports the United Democratic Front who are also the affiliates of the regional United Democratic Front from different provinces including Natal, Transvaal and Western Cape.

Local Organisation:fact paper

The effectiveness of any organisation depends on the organizing ability of its leaders. This paper maps out a guide toward effective leadership amongst the Black community particularly in the home situation.

Looking to the future
MK women`s forum
Municipal elections

An article stating the approach to the municipal elections which was determined by the state of the organisation, the mood of the masses and the strengths and weaknesses of the regime and the campaign against the municipal elections was not the only one facing the mass democratic movement.

Natal organisation of women
National Women's Day: women call for organisation and unity
New art body
New ball-game in South African politics

The launching of the United Democratic Front in Cape Town marked the beginning of a new ball-game in South Africa.

New Deal? South Africa 1983

On 20th August 1983, the United Democratic Front was launched at the Rockland Civic Centre in Cape Town. It was a broad coalition of anti apartheid organizations that opposed the government's constitutional reform proposals.

New hands on deck at Idasa
New SA, new IDASA director
New service to public on political leaders
Notes on the current situation

Paper presented at the NUSAS National Seminar, outlining the role of NUSAS in the struggle for liberation

NUSAS reconstruction

Report consisting of three NUSAS Commission reports. The first one is called Commission of NUSAS reconstruction, followed by Commission of SASO publications, and an article entitled Race and Economics in South Africa.

On democracy
On discipline

Booklet on discpline. According to UDF the concept of discipline arises from political conciousness.



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