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One year of an unbanned ANC: the road ahead

State of the nation unauthoured paper assessing the African National Congress one year after it was unbanned.

Options for a redefinition of NUSAS structure and functioning

Paper delivered at the 51st Annual Congress of the National Union of South African Students, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 8-15 July 1974. Discusses various options for a redefinition of the structure and functioning of the National Union.

Organisation: OFS/Northern Cape seminar
Organisation: the only weapon
Organisational development: a technique for union building?
Organise and defeat repression
Pan-Africanism in Accra
Party news
Problems in the organisation of the ANC
Report of a meeting with Prof. Willem Kleynhans

Handwritten report of a meeting between representatives of the African National Congress and Professor Willem Kleynhans of the University of South Africa to discuss the professor's concern about the ANC's lack of organisational skills for the process of elections and for becoming a fully fledged

Report of Sub-Committee on problems of the Congress Movement

Report of a meeting of a sub-committee of the ANC National Executive Committee. Meeting held to propose new machinery, examine finances, request London comrades to explain the idea of a Council of War and examine and summarise a memorandum received from the London office.

Something to think about
South African unions: still growing?
The birth of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa

This article which was published in WSCF Journal, Volume 1 No 2, 1979, pages 26-31, traces the birth and development of the Black Consciousness Movement to the banning of all Black Consciousness Movement organisations in 1977.

The Black Conciousness Movement, Black People's Convention: External Office

One of the major decisions taken by the BPC was the establishment of an external office .This became necessary because of the growing number of exiles belonging to the Black People's Convention.

The S.A.C.P. district committees

The S.A.C.P. district committees. Paper discussing challenges facing the party, democratic centralism, and organisational role.

The SACP Johannesburg district night school pilot project

Short notes on the establishment of the SACP Johannesburg district night school projects

TIC - united force for change
Unity workshop
Western Cape Region - Regional Conference: Problems and challenges of the Western Cape

Report by Reg September on the problems and challenges of the Western Cape, presented to the African National Congress Western Cape Region Conference, 29 and 30 September, 1990. Covers history of the ANC in the Western Cape Region.


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