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Obituaries: Peter Brown, twice-banned Liberal Party stalwart
For Nat Nakasa

Nat Nakasa, South African journalist, worked on "Post" and "Drum" in Johannesburg and was founding editor of "The Classic". He went to Harvard University in 1964. In terms of the South African exit permit which enabled him to take up a fellowship, he was forbidden to return to South Africa.

John Harris: an obituary profile

An obituary profile for John Harris, born in 1937 and executed in 1965.

Rhoda Prager


Editorial: Helen Suzman
Ernie Wentzel
Editorial: The Means and People Man
Editorial: Edgar Brookes
Editorial: Sallie Lundie
Maimie Corrigall
Death of a Leader
Tribute to Bunty Biggs
Bitter-sweet memories
Death of a revolutionary Frank Glass/Li Fu-Jen/John Liang 1901-1988
Michael Wade (1941-1990)
The dualism of IB Tabata
Johnny Dyani: a portrait
Thami Mnyele: a portrait


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