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National liberation wars in the present epoch: a Soviet view
Message to the Black Azanians

A "power to the people" circular

Mandela speaks to the people
Leaders, heroes, fighters and fathers
Introductory essay: the South African Communist Party, 1950 - 1994

Introductory essay on the South African Communist Party from 1950 to 1994.

Introductory essay: the problems of exile

Introductory essay on the problems of exiles, including the reasons for going into exile, life experienced as an exile and unique problems of living as an exile.

Interview: Pallo Jordan
Goa - S.E.A.T.O. base for war?
Forms and methods of struggle: the South African Democratic Revolution
For no other reward
Focus on India
Film review
Editorial notes: Apartheid - the end approaches
Editorial comment: Year of greater victories
Editorial comment: The dynamo of the struggle
Defend, consolidate and advance the Front

An article on defend, consolidate and advance the Front which is divided in five topics such as National democratic struggle and the front approach, broadening the front, the United Democratic Front and political centre, the United Front and the state of emergency and the way forward.

December 16, 1976: Parents' day of pledging solidarity with the students

Circular, issued by the Soweto Students Representative Council, calling for a commemoration on 16 December 1976, of those killed in police violence and a rededication to the national liberation struggle

Death to the national convention
Day of the heroic guerilla
Communists in National Liberation Movements: a talk dedicated to the life and work of Ruth First

Typescript of a talk delivered by Jack Simons on Communists in National Liberation Movements.


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