Natal Indian Judicial Commission

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Corporation of the City of Durban - City Valuator and Estates Manager

The Town Clerk, Durban

Dear Sir

Re: Asiatic Encroachment

Copies of Correspondence between Natal Indian Congress and the Durban City Council in connection with the City Council's proposal for Round Table Discussion Re: Appointment of Indian Affairs Advisory Sub-Committee

Dear Sirs

As you are no doubt aware the City Council has prepared its plan for the development of the City of Durban.....




Estates Department on the Natal Indian Judicial Commission

Dear Sir,

Memo. by Natal Indian Congress on Housing.
In reply to your letter of the 3rd ultimo, bearing on the above subject, I have to tender the following :

Memorandum submitted to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission by the Durban City Council

At its meeting on 24th October 1944, the Durban City Council resolved "that Bis Worship the Mayor (Councilor R. Ellis Brown, J.P.) and Councilors L. L. Boyd, M.P.C., and Major J. Raftery, J.F., M.P.C., together with such officials' as may be necessary, be appointed as the

Town Clerk's Department

I refer you to my letter to you of 7th instant in this matter and set out here under for your information copy....

Treasurer, Water, Estates,Health

Memorandum to General Purpose Committee. Natal Indian Judicial Commission

1. The following letter dated 12th April 1944 has been sent to me by Secretary of the Natal Indian Judicial Commission......

Letters on the Natal Indian Judicial Commission from the Durban City Council

Sir, Indian Question in Natal.

I have the honour to refer to the deputations from Local Authorities which visited Cape Town to attend the Annual Conference of the United Municipal Executive and other interviews....

Preliminary Statement to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission

We the officials of the Natal Indian Congress an organization representing the Indian Community of Natal beg to submit this.....

Further Memorandum submitted to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission by the Natal University Students Union

In our earlier memorandum we dealt we dealt as thoroughly as available material permitted us to do with matters intimately connected with our existence and activities...

Statement to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission from Kajee's Property(pty)Limited

We are the owners of 16 acres of vacant land at Riverside on the North Bank of the Umgeni River. We acquired this in 1939 from Messrs Riverlands, Ltd.....

Memorandum submitted by the Mayville District Indian Sports Ground Association to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission

To give an insight of how this Association came into being we wish to mention that the Mayville....

Letter from the Local Board and Road Transportation to the Natal Judicial Commission

With reference to your letter of the 12th April 1944, I am directed to advise that my board has pleasure to submit memorandum.....

Memorandum on Epilepsy, Deafness, Blindness and similar Physical Defects submitted to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission

Gentlemen, 'The Terms of Reference' of your Commission affirm that your enquiry apart from other factors is to enquire into and report upon:-

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